Distribution department

The distribution department is the oldest part of "Veletex". It is involved in distribution of food and drinks, cleaning supplies and various consumer goods for more then two decades.

Final consumers

Most of the distribution department turnover is achived through sales channel that supplies large final consumers, such as hospitals, student centers, kindergardens, hotels, HORECA segment, as well as large number of small clients.

Wholesales and Capillary Distribution

Significant part of the distribution department client portfolio are the companies involved in wholesales of products from our assortment, as well as all retail chains in Montenegro that are capillary supplied on daily, weekly or two-week basis.


The high level of serviceability that our distribution is recognized by on the market is owed to the experienced team of professionals in this field and technical equipment they use. Our fleet consists of large number of medium sized transport vehicles (3-4t) who satisfy the needs of our clients on daily basis in all parts of Montenegro.

Food safety

Food safety takes the top priority in our distribution department, so according to that we have implemented and certified HACCP procedures in 2011. by the famous French certification office of Bureau Veritas.